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Center-Invest Bank has got acquainted with the experience of foreign banks in protection of commercial classified information

On January 28-29, 2002 there was held Russian economical and financial forum in Geneva, where the Heads of Center-Invest Bank participated.


The loans of Center-Invest Bank are guaranteed by international institutions

US Agency for International Development (USAID) stood as a warrantor for the loans of Center-Invest Bank for small and mi-cro enterprises to the total amount of $2 mln.


"Certificate of confidence" is given to Center-Invest Bank

Towards the end of the year 2001 Rostov regional department of Ministry of the Russian Federation on taxes and levies pre-sented "Certificate of confidence" to the most conscientious taxpayers of the Don. Center-Invest became the only Rostov bank received this sign from tax service.


Authorities counsel with Center-Invest

On the 19th of December 2001 there was established Small En-trepreneurship Council under authority of Administration of Ros-tov region. The new advisory body was headed by the First deputy of Rostov region Governor I.A. Stanislavov. The Don banking capital in the Council is presented by Vice Chairman of Board of directors of Center-Invest Bank V.V. Vysokov.


European Davos: Queue up for Russia

Center-Invest Bank is the regular member of the World's Eco-nomic Forum arrangements. From the 1st to the 3rd of July Vice President of Center-Invest Bank, professor V. Vysokov, attended the European Summit of the Forum in Salzburg and shared his im-pressions directly from Austria:


Five Years According to International Standards

The auditing by PricewaterhouceCoopers of Center-Invest Bank has been completed. It was the fifth year of auditing in accor-dance with International Standards on Auditing.


"Center-Invest" offers large-scale guarantees to the customs

The State Customs Committee of Russian Federation has granted the "Center-Invest" bank permission to act as a guarantor before the customs bodies. Now the amount of "Center-Invest" bank guarantees valid concurrently may be as much as $ 25 million. Largest permitted amount of a single bank guarantee will be $ 5 million.


The second double growth of "Center-Invest" Bank within two years in a row.

On June 8 the annual shareholders' meeting of "Center-Invest" Bank was held. The most important result of the year is the double growth in amount of work carried out by the bank and reaching the before-the-crisis financial level in USD. "Center-Invest " has become the largest bank in Rostov region for its amounts of assets, credit investments, deposits, and profit.