About the bank

About the bank

Center-invest bank is the largest privately-held bank in Southern Russia with strong market position and unique local market expertise a focus on sustainable development through realization of specialized lending programs and social initiatives.


Number of offices



Client base

1.5 million



1 598


Credit ratings


Credit ratings

*As at 31.12.2021

The Bank was founded in 1992 by southern Russia’s first privatised enterprises and a team of university professors. The bank rapidly became something of a “laboratory” for the region, providing solutions to the problems of reform in Russia, introducing best international practice, and promoting southern Russia internationally.

International shareholding structure, with diversified base of reputable financial investors, including EBRD, DEG, responsAbility, Erste Group, Raiffeisen, and others give an access to the best world practice of conducting ESG banking, implementing transparent procedures for smart growth of ethical business.

Center-invest Bank’s guiding principles are: social and environmental responsibility, operational efficiency, best-practice risk management, long-term profitability and organic growth.