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Center-invest Bank Becomes Stolypin Award Laureate

 Center-invest Bank was honoured with a laureate diploma of the XVIII Annual International Stolypin Economics and Finance Award in the nomination “Popularisation of ESG banking”.


Center-invest Bank Goes Greener

 Center-invest Bank has acquired an international “green certificate” to receive electricity from the Staromaryevskaya Solar Power Plant, Stavropol region. By purchasing 1,600 MW, our bank brought now consumes up 40% of electricity from the renewable energy sources.


Center-invest Bank Became a General Partner of Hackathon Autumn 2022 Event

From October 21 to October 23, South Region – DSTU media park in Rostov-on-Don was a base for the XI forum of software developers and mechatronics – Hackathon Autumn 2022. Center-invest Bank became a partner of the event.


Center-invest Bank Participates in a Meeting of the Presidium of the Council of the Association of Banks of Russia

On October 20, 2022, Mr. Yury Bogdanov, a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Innovations Director of Center-invest Bank, attended an expanded meeting of the Presidium of the Council of the Association of Banks of Russia.  


Center-invest Bank’s Home Loan Refinancing Programs Rank Among the Top of the Rating

 In October 2022, Center-invest Bank ranked second in the rating of the best home loan refinancing programs according to the analytical department of Vyberu.ru portal.


Center-invest Bank Participates in Golden Autumn Exhibition

 On October 5–8, the XXIV All-Russian Agro-Industrial Exhibition Golden Autumn-2022 was held in the Patriot Park, Moscow Region. This exhibition is the tremendous celebration of the agricultural industry achievements and the professional platform to foster dialogue between market players. Center-invest Bank was not only a participant, but also a contributor to the business program of the event.


Center-invest Bank Participates in CREDIT-EXPO Exhibition

On October 4–5, the fourth CREDIT-EXPO, a specialised exhibition of loans for small and medium-sized businesses, was held in Moscow. Center-invest Bank appeared as a standholder and also as a presenter within the business program of the event.  


Don Science for the Don Region

 With the help of Center-invest Bank, Rostovstat published the statistics digest Scientific Potential of the Don Region: 2022, which represents fifteen-year dynamics of science and technology development in the Rostov Region.