ESG Banking

ESG Banking

Center-invest Bank is using the new business opportunities of a distance economy to bolster sustainability in all areas of its operations. It provides a positive example of a socially responsible business based on an ESG-banking business model.

In its management of sustainable development, Center-invest Bank is guided by the following standards and principles:

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • The Membership Standards and Code of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values;
  • The Principles for Responsible Banking of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI);
  • The international standards of conduct and principles enshrined in the international standards for sustainable development, corporate social activities and environmental protection: ISO 26000, AA1000, ISO 14000;
  • The GRI Standards on disclosure of non-financial information

Center-invest Bank fully supports and recognises the importance of the 17 SDGs which are intended to address key environmental, economic and social challenges worldwide. While the bank aims to contribute to implementation of all the SDGs, given the nature of its business and the region in which it operates, the following five SDGs are priorities:

In 2019-2022, Center-invest Bank invested RUB 395.6bn in implementation of the SDGs and RUB 348.3bn in the National Projects. Center-invest Bank provides information about each depositor's contribution to implementation of the SDGs and National Projects. For every 100 rubles deposited with the bank, 71.5 rubles goes towards the SDGs, and 70,09 rubles goes towards the National Projects.

By using integrated reporting rather than just financial reporting, the bank has been able to assess the following in a new light:

  • the impact of the bank’s income on the interests of other stakeholders: the local population, employees, shareholders, customers and partners;
  • the bank’s development as a process of reproducing operational, financial, information, intellectual, human and social capital.