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Ratings and Awards

By applying an ESG banking model, Center-invest Bank is achieving: sustainable, balanced growth;long-term competitiveness in Russian and international markets (including when compared to the speculative market); and high rankings among Russian banks, especially for products relating to energy efficiency, SMEs, youth and female entrepreneurship, retail lending, public-private partnership, and social enterprise.

In 2021 the Russian rating agency ACRA and Moody’s Investors Service upheld Center-invest Bank’s existing ratings: А (RU) and Ba3 (outlook stable), respectively.

In 2020 Center-invest Bank was recognised by the Euromoney magazine as Central and Eastern Europe’s best bank for corporate responsibility. An organically developing regional bank, Center-invest Bank is a shining example of the successful implementation of an ESG banking business model in Russia.

Center-invest became the first Russian bank to receive an ESG — ranking from Vigeo Eiris, taking 17th place among 76 European banks.

In ranking of the largest Russian banks as at 01.07.2021:

33 Retail loan portfolio
34 Retail deposits
43 Value of corporate loan portfolio
44 Value of total loan portfolio
59 Value of total assets

In ranking of largest mortgage banks as at 01.01.2021:

14 Value of mortgage loan portfolio
16 Volume of issued mortgage loans

TOP-15 most profitable banks in Russia as at 01.01.2020:

12 Profit

TOP-50 Russian Banks

15 Loans to Assets ratio
20 ROE
24 ROA
34 CAR
35 Assets
39 Tier 1 Capital