Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Largest bank in Southern Russia

Largest privately-held bank in Southern Russia, with 28-year history, 120 offices, 1.5 million clients and close to 50% market share among local banks with strong market position and unique local market expertise.


International shareholding structure, with diversified base of reputable financial investors, including EBRD,DEG, responsAbility Investments AG, Erste Group Bank AG, Raiffeisenlandesbank Oöe and other

ESG positioning

Unique ESG positioning, with a focus on sustainable development through realization of specialized lending programs and social initiatives. The Bank has the internationally recognized ESG ranking assigned by VigeoEiris,as well as the successful story of several Russian debut issues of the bank’s Green Bonds on the Moscow Exchange.

Business model

Sustainable business model, focused on SME and lower-risk retail products (mortgage, secured loans), resulting in 1.0% cost-of-risk by the end of 2020, lower than the Bank’s retail-focused peers.

Growth profile

Healthy financials and robust growth profile, with the ROE of 6.8% at the end of 2020, and the total assets increasing with 9% CAGR in 2016-2019 to reach USD 1.6 bn as of the end of 2020.

Rather than focusing on immediate profits, the ESG banking business model, based on effective management of social and environmental risks, allows the bank to achieve sustainable long-term profits in the transformations economy (constant change amid continual crises).

The bank’s main activity — lending to retail customers and SMEs — achieves its aim of having a positive impact on the infrastructure, community and local economy in the regions where the bank operates. In 2020 the bank provided RUB77bn in business loans.