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Center-invest Bank Retains Status as Significant Bank in Payment Services Market


For the seventh year in a row, Center-invest Bank has been included in the Bank of Russia’s list of significant credit institutions in the payment services market. There are 22 financial institutions in the list.

Center-invest Bank is one of the leading regional banks in the bank card market. As at 1 April 2021 there were 331,800 cards issued by the bank in circulation. This included 229,900 Mir national payment system cards. Center-invest Bank cardholders carried out 19.8 million transactions in 2020, spending over RUB57.4bn.

The bank continually enhances its card benefits and introduces new functions for its remote banking services, which attracts new customers. In 2020 alone, 9,415 people from 249 companies in southern Russia and Nizhny Novgorod signed up to Center-invest Bank payroll programmes.

Center-invest Bank’s cards provide cashback and bonuses, and they can be used for savings, with interest paid on positive balances. They can also be used to make free transfers via the Faster Payments System using Internet banking and the mobile app.

For entrepreneurs with the new “self-employed” status, Center-invest Bank has developed a card product based on the Mir payment system. The cards are issued and serviced free of charge, 2% is paid on positive balances, and 1% cashback on all purchases. There is no fee for ATM withdrawals or for transfers via the Faster Payments System of up to RUB500,000 a month. 

For SMEs, Center-invest Bank offers free contactless payment terminals, consumables, staff training and 24/7 technical support. Customers can also open a current account and access useful sales data through the Business Online service.