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Sustainable development through the lens of green finance


At the conference «Visionaries», Alexander Dolganov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Center-Invest Bank, shared the bank's experience in green financing, and spoke about the comprehensive approach of responsible ESG banking and the impact of the bank's work on the future of a sustainable market.

The «Visionaries» conference is one of the largest platforms for discussing the prospects for sustainable development in Russia. The event brought together Russian and international experts, analysts and strategists who determine the future development of a responsible market and influence it in accordance with sustainable development trends.

The bank's speaker Alexander Dolganov took part in the discussion on green financing, and noted that along with information technologies, the green agenda is now coming to the fore for banks. In 2019-2020, Bank Center-invest twice issued «green» bonds in the amount of 550 million rubles in the sustainable development sector of the Moscow Exchange, introduced a «green» deposit to its deposit line. The Bank provides an opportunity for each client to become a responsible investor, receive a stable income and at the same time meet the global Sustainable Development Goals.

«A responsible investor is not necessarily a corporation or foundation. Center-invest Bank is actively using its green bonds to form a market for stable private investors. It is important for us to explain to people that there is a good alternative to deposits that works to improve the environment and solve social issues», - comments by Alexander Dolganov.

Carrying out its traditional functions, Center-invest Bank solves global challenges related to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2005, the bank has been engaged in energy efficient lending. For «green» loans, the key criterion is compliance with the intended purpose. Also, these projects should ensure a significant reduction in the negative impact on the environment through minimizing emissions, recycling waste, supporting biodiversity, etc.

Based on the best world practice, the bank implements innovations in business process management to form a strong and sustainable brand. Center-invest's experience demonstrates that green banking provides new opportunities and mechanisms for stakeholder interaction for positive transformations. More information on the tendencies of flexible digitalization of ESG banking can be found in the book of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank, Doctor of Economics, Professor V.V. Vysokov.