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Agile digitalization of ESG Banking


–°enter-invest Bank has released a new scientific and practical manual "Agile digitalization of ESG Banking". The author is Vasily Vysokov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank,Head of the ESG Banking Project Group of the Association of Russian Banks.

This theoretical and practical handbook captures the interplay between the two main development trends in the banking sector: the transition to digital banking, and a business model based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. 

The author draws on theoretical knowledge and Center-invest Bank's real-life experience of introducing digital technologies, taking into account best international practice of international organisations, financial institutions and regulatory bodies.

Successful digitalisation depends on an integrated approach, recognising the interconnectivity of : taxonomy, the governance structure and functions, the business model and strategy, ESG risk management and ESG reporting. 

Digitalisation provides this interconnectivity of multi-index variables in digital models for the reproduction of all types of capital, constructed with regard for financial indicators, regulatory constraints, traditional and ESG risks, and which permits rapid and reliable payments, accounting and reporting.

The recommended methods and solutions have been tested in practice by Center-invest Bank (an ESG bank) and leading participants in the ESG banking market. 

The book will be presented at the GABV European Chapter Meeting  (Brussels) and at the 42nd BACEE Online Banking Conference (Budapest) in October.


Agile digitalization of ESG Banking (PDF file)