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Banking on Values Day


Center-invest Bank, together with the international banking community, celebrates the Banking on Values Day. It is an initiative by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) to call for structural change to address the climate emergency and to claim for a more sustainable and inclusive financial system in the world.

Center-invest Bank is a member of the GABV, which comprises of 67* financial institutions operating in 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe.

The GABV’s network of progressive values-based banks is not just funding businesses that benefit society and the environment, they are changing the financial system itself. These banks are making an informed choice by focusing on financing real businesses and clients seeking to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Center-invest Bank is implementing projects that demonstrate social impact while generating fair financial returns. It is important for us to be a part of the economy that really serves the people!” said Mr Sergey Smirnov, Chief Financial Officer of Center-invest Bank.

Members of the GABV have pioneered and helped expand initiatives like the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), a harmonised, open-source tool to measure and disclose the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in loans and investments.

“You can’t fix the climate without fixing finance “Our members commit to measure emissions and reduce them in line with the Paris Agreement, or faster” says Martin Rohner, Executive Director of the GABV.

As a movement of frontrunners in sustainable finance, many values-based banks are already tackling climate change through a comprehensive set of measures:

  • Avoiding harmful projects and activities such as fossil fuels and other greenhouse gas-intensive industries.
  • Enabling innovative projects and activities that help mitigate climate change or even sequester carbon.
  • Sensitizing their clients and helping them transform or adapt to climate change by providing capital, finance, know-how, and resources
  • Advocating for changing the framework conditions to better reflect the true price of climate change and send the right signals to markets.
  • Establishing transparency by measuring and publishing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Committing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement or even faster.

Center-invest Bank has been part of the GABV since 2019. Alliance members are calling regulators and policymakers in the mainstream financial sector to follow its lead in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The inspirational examples of transformative banking for a healthy climate, a fair economy, and inclusive society are available at www.bankingonvaluesday.com