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Center-invest Bank and Innopolis University Will Develop Digital Solutions


On October 19, 2023, in Kazan, Center-invest Bank and Russian Innopolis University specialising in IT signed an agreement on long-term technological cooperation to address the challenges of digital transformation.

The agreement provides for cooperation in the development and implementation of training activities and programmes, organisation and fulfilment of research and development work in the field of digitalisation of the regional economy.

«Digitalisation is the key driver of growth for the banking industry, and the priority in developing digital technologies is quite clear for Center-invest Bank. The partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation with one of the leaders in this field will help us to improve and expand our range of services for private customers and business, as well as modernise the region’s economy through the development and implementation of new digital products,» said Yuri Bogdanov, Deputy Chairman of Center-invest Bank’s Board of Directors and Chief Innovation Officer.

«With Center-invest Bank, we aim to develop a unified information for research and education environment. In this regard, we will leverage our experience in higher and further vocational education and start developing custom educational projects in cooperation, including lectures, seminars, trainings, corporate educational programmes, assessments and strategy sessions. One of the important areas of our collaborative work will be the formation of project teams to address the challenges of digital transformation, which is especially necessary to solve the problems of priority sectors of the economy,» pointed out Iskander Bariev, First Vice Rector and Deputy Director of Innopolis University.

Center-invest Bank makes a significant contribution to the shaping of the region’s digital development agenda in partnership with universities and leading IT companies. The bank actively participates in state support programmes for IT enterprises and IT specialists, implements its own programmes to support the industry, digital transformation of the customers’ businesses, trains students and entrepreneurs in new digital technologies, participates in pilot projects of the Bank of Russia and the Moscow Exchange, the NSPK MIR, ministries and agencies.