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Center-invest Bank Discussed Support Measures for Family Business in the South of Russia


25 April 2024, CCI of Rostov Region, the round table Family Business in the Rostov Region: Legal Regulation and Forms of Support was held. Lidia Simonova, Chairman of the Management Board of Center-invest Bank, made a presentation and spoke about measures to support family entrepreneurship.

Experts from SMEs and family companies, executive and legislative authorities, as well as financial and public organizations attended the round table.

«More than 50% of Center-invest loan portfolio is comprised of AIC family companies that value the generational continuity. Family businesses are marked by very high payment discipline and outstanding business results because they possess a symbiotic blend of experience of the older generation and the innovative thinking of the new generation,» added Lidia Simonova.

Center-invest Bank is a leader in lending to domestic small and medium-sized businesses, modernisation of enterprises, development of family, women’s, and social entrepreneurship.

In 2024, Center-invest Bank became the first bank in Russia to offer a Family Business program with comprehensive services, free settlement and cash services, preferential financing and acquiring. The campaign is timed to coincide with the Year of the Family in Russia and reflects the bank’s commitment to social values and building responsible long-term relationships with customers.