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Center-invest Bank Goes Greener


 Center-invest Bank has acquired an international “green certificate” to receive electricity from the Staromaryevskaya Solar Power Plant, Stavropol region. By purchasing 1,600 MW, our bank brought now consumes up 40% of electricity from the renewable energy sources.

 “Green certificates” are issued by renewable energy producers and document the consumption of such energy. The certificate is to finance “green” energy production and allows Center-invest Bank to balance the consumed energy from non-renewable sources.

 Center-invest Bank keeps track of resource consumption and steadily continues to reduce its carbon footprint. We purchased our first “green certificates” in 2021 to bring the share of consumed renewable source energy to 25%. Since 2020, the bank has been using solar panels on the roof of its head office. The energy generated goes to ensure the operation of a round-the-clock office used for people servicing and entrepreneurs’ self-encashment.

 Since 2005, Center-invest Bank has invested more than 22 billion roubles in 24,000 energy efficiency projects promoted by its customers, thereby annually contributing to the preservation of our planet environment. This course enables us to reduce annual CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 255,000 tons. Also, Center-invest Bank offers a “green” deposit for responsible investors, which allows to receive market returns while achieving global Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsibility for natural resources, caring for the environment and the health of future generations, and improving the sustainability of small businesses are an integral part of our bank’s ESG strategy.