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Center-invest Bank is among the region’s best financial literacy practices


The Rostov Region Ministry of Finance published a catalog of the best regional financial literacy practices for the year 2023. Projects of Center-invest Bank have been recognized as the best experience in the area of financial education.

Among the region’s best practices are the Public Financial Literacy Center, Financial Literacy and Financial Security School, as well as the online research projects connected with financial literacy of school students and improvement of financial literacy among senior citizens.

«We appreciate the high rating given to the projects of Center-invest Bank in the area of financial education. 4 areas pertaining to improvement of financial literacy of the population were nominated among the best practices in the Rostov Region, which is a confirmation of success of the bank’s comprehensive effort in the area of education,» comments Vladislav Soleny, Manager of Educational Projects.

Public Financial Literacy Centers are the backbone of Center-invest Bank’s ecosystem, reflecting a responsible attitude to social development and the growth of financial literacy among the population in the regions where the Bank operates. To date, five Financial Literacy Centers are permanently operational in Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Krasnodar, Volgograd and Volgodonsk.

Center-invest Bank, together with Lyceum No. 24 in Volgodonsk, have been implementing the project of Financial Literacy and Financial Security School since 2018. The School’s financial literacy basics and economics curriculum is intended for children and their parents. Over the five years, more than 4,500 hours of classes were conducted, with over 900 people participating in the project.

Together with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education, Center-invest Bank annually performs a financial literacy research among school students of the Don region, which is aimed at measurement of financial education level and heightening of the interest in the topic of financial literacy.

Within the framework of the retired people’s financial literacy improvement project, the bank employees make educational presentations on acute financial issues to make the senior citizens understand how they can avoid financial pyramids, and how not to get trapped by scammers during the telephone and in-person contacts.

Center-invest Bank remains the ambassador of financial education in the country. All the social and educational projects of Center-invest Bank reflect its responsible attitude towards social development in the regions of presence, improvement of the population’s financial literacy and commitment to the ESG principles. The bank’s programs are accredited with the Financial Literacy Development Association.