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Center-invest Bank issued an ESG report for 2021


Center-invest Bank issued its ESG report, prepared in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), and the Sustainable Development Report for 2021, where it disclosed information based on the Interfax methodology.

The 10th Anniversary Sustainable Development Report continues the traditional practice of disclosing non-financial corporate reporting. Center-invest Bank has reported on its performance in such areas, as environmental, social, and corporate responsibility. According to the Center-invest policy of openness and transparency, the information about the strategy, key events of 2021, and cooperation with the stakeholders was provided. Moreover, we discussed a wide range of issues, including our principles of social responsibility and the bank’s impact on the economy, society, and environment.

 In 2021, Center-invest Bank continued to implement ESG banking business model and approved a new Development Strategy for 2022–2024 called “ESG Digitalisation 2.0”. It combines global Sustainable Development Goals, the priorities of Russia’s National Projects, and goals under Bank of Russia programmes. To date, the total investments are 299.3 billion rubles for the Sustainable Development Goals and 261.7 billion roubles for the National Projects.

“Center-invest Bank has been issuing Sustainable Development Reports, or integrated annual reports, since 2012. Every year the bank’s ESG effect increases, and the ESG Report 2021 clearly demonstrates the results, which have contributed to the sustainability of the company and reflect the progress of implementing the best practices of corporate and social responsibility within the bank,” comments Sergey Smirnov, the Deputy Chairman of Reporting, Analytics, and Finance of the Center-invest Bank. 

The bank’s performance indicators show its positive impact on the development of the regional, national, and global economy. In 2021, Center-invest Bank presented the world’s first ESG Balance Sheet, was the first bank in Russia to have its financial education programmes voluntarily accredited by the Association for the Development of Financial Literacy, held a contest entitled “Me and the Sustainable Development Goals”, signed an agreement with the Ministry of Economy of the Krasnodar Territory on the integration of ESG principles into the real economy sector of the region, and implemented an option of paying for technical means of rehabilitation using an electronic certificate. 

Center-invest Bank’s work received well-deserved recognition: ranked 5th among Russian banks in the ESG Transparency of Russian Companies ranking, and received an award from the Moscow Exchange for contribution to the development of a culture of trust and responsibility in the financial market. 

All of the bank’s projects in the field of corporate social responsibility reflect its attitude to the social development of the regions of operation. The practice and successful cases of the regional Center-invest Bank are replicated within the ESG Banking Project Group of the Association of Banks of Russia to promote sustainable business ideas and assist the financial sector in the transition to ESG banking.