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Center-invest Bank Organized First Mortgage DFA


As part of its pilot project, Center-invest Bank organized the issuance of digital financial assets (DFAs) in the form of cash claim on real estate, attracted the first issuer and collateral manager among its clients, and ensured the successful placement of the digital financial assets and subsequent registration with the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation.

According to the recommendations by Fintech Association Task Force (FTF), Center-invest Bank implemented an issuance of DFAs in the form of cash claim on real estate on the Tokeon platform.

Placement of a DFA issuance and the collateral registration serve as the first step in the pilot project for financing small and medium enterprises using DFA. The task was to pass all placement stages, ensure the collateral registration in the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation and offer this kind of financing and collateral to protect the interests of DFA issuers and investors.

«DFA on real estate has the potential to become a new market in SME financing. Issue of DFA confirms the readiness of Center-invest Bank to implement modern digital technologies, and opens new prospects for interaction with our clients and investors,» pointed out Yury Bogdanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director for Innovations of Center-invest Bank.

DFA is a new investment and digital rights approval instrument based on modern technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts. In December 2023, Center-invest Bank successfully placed its DFAs on the Moscow Exchange and adjusted internal procedures for further widespread use of the instrument.