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Center-invest Bank raises financial awareness


Center-invest Bank educated over 15,000 schoolchildren and students as part of the 8th All-Russian Financial Awareness Week 2022 in Southern Russia.

The Bank’s experts and the Financial Awareness Centre employees held 26 practical seminars and online classes for schoolchildren and students in Rostov and Krasnodar regions. Attendees learned more about financial technologies, personal financial planning, digital security, and fraud protection.

Center-invest Bank has been supporting the All-Russian Financial Awareness Week since 2016. It is organised by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Bank of Russia.

“We have been ambassadors of financial enlightenment in Russia for many years. The first Financial Awareness Centre was opened in 2012. There are now five centres in different regions of the country. Over 1.3 million people have attended the Financial Awareness Centre, which is just the first step on the path to achieving the global goal of universal financial awareness,” says Vladislav Solyony, Head of Educational Projects at Center-invest Bank.

All seminars and lectures at the Financial Awareness Centre are completely free of charge. Over eight years of operation, experts and volunteers at the Centres have:

- arranged 4,990 events;

- provided consulting to 126,000 people;

- trained 3,460 volunteers;

- helped 830 start-ups start their businesses;

- held the largest online financial awareness class for schoolchildren, with 1,300 schools in Russia participating.

All the social and educational projects of Center-invest Bank reflect our commitment to the social development in the regions where we operate, and to the growth of financial awareness among the general public and aspiring entrepreneurs.