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Center-invest Bank’s “Loyal” Deposit Account Among Best in Russia


Center-invest Bank’s “Loyal” account ranks in the top 15 in the rating of the best long-term deposit accounts in November 2021 produced by the financial marketplace Vyberu.ru.

In addition to the interest rate on the account, the rating compilers considered: the reliability of the bank and its importance in the market; actual earnings on the deposit; the maximum and minimum deposit; terms for compound interest; and ease of withdrawal of funds. The rating includes the top 51-100 banks by assets.

Our “Loyal” account is a special product for customers who receive their salaries on a Center-invest Bank card. The account provides a return of up to 6.4% per annum. The minimum deposit required to open a “Loyal” account is RUB100,000 and the agreement is for a term of up to three years.

The main advantage of the account is that every three months customers can terminate the agreement early without losing the interest accrued. This means that customers will not lose money if they need to use their savings.

All of Center-invest Bank’s deposit accounts are insured with the Deposits Insurance System and guarantee stable returns and prompt payments. For more information about our accounts, please see: www.centrinvest.ru/ru/fiz/vklady/.