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Center-invest Bank's practice recognized at the world level


UNEP FI published a report entitled ‘Responsible Banking: Building Foundations’. The successful experience of Center-invest Bank was included in the collection of the world's best solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and implement the Paris Climate Agreement.

It provides a status update of the progress made by over 200 signatories in implementing the Principles across their activities for 1.5-year:

  • 94% of banks identify sustainability as a strategic priority for their organisation
  • 93% are analysing the environmental and social impacts of their activities
  • 30% are setting targets, with a strong collective focus on climate and financial inclusion

The report shows how signatories are building the foundations together to transform banking, systems, policies, guidance and the strategic alignment needed for development of sustainable banking and set targets.

The report includes an independent view written by the  Civil Society Advisory Body, which was launched in March 2021 for constructive engagement between signatories to the Principles for Responsible Banking.

The findings from the report will be used to further develop a work programme aimed at supporting banks to scale up their progress and ensure Signatory Banks deliver on their commitments with ambition and transparency.

The next progress report at a collective level is scheduled for 2023.