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Don Science for the Don Region


 With the help of Center-invest Bank, Rostovstat published the statistics digest Scientific Potential of the Don Region: 2022, which represents fifteen-year dynamics of science and technology development in the Rostov Region.

The edited volume unveils various aspects of the development of science and innovation, presents statistical data on the composition of the research and development organisations, on personnel and financing of science, on its facilities and resources. Dedicated sections inform about intellectual property, technology commercialisation and use, and innovation.  

“Science can be perceived differently: some see it as a way to satisfy their curiosity at the expense of the government and as a production growth factor. Aligning personal curiosity with public goals is possible only through defining the internal, essential, and stable necessary interconnections of objects, processes, and phenomena. And the new edited volume gives the ground for such an analysis,” said Mr. Vasily Vysokov, a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank, Prof., Doctor of Economics.  

 The Rostov region does not stand far from the general trends in the science expenses distribution, with the exception of a high share of agricultural sciences.

Scientists of the Don region play a prominent role in fundamental research in the natural, agricultural and human sciences, in medicine and the social science applied research, and in specific developments in the field of technical sciences.  

 This edited volume continues a series of publications on the study of the economic and socio-demographic potential of the Don region initiated and sponsored by Center-invest Bank. Some volumes have already been issued, as follows: Don Digitalisation Indicators: 2022, Don Standards of Life (2021), Rostov Region: on the Way to Sustainable Development Goals 2016–2020, Pace of Reforms in the Don Region: 30 Years Later (2020), Rostov Region: on the Way to Sustainable Development Goals (2019).