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ESG-Center-invest Bank in the capital of the European Union


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-Invest Bank, Doctor of Economics, Professor Vasily Vysokov presented a unique methodology for ESG reporting in the metrics of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the book "Agile Digitalization of ESG Banking" at the annual European Chamber Meeting of GABV members, which was held on October 21-22, 2021 in Brussels.

Center-invest Bank was invited to share the experience of working in accordance with principles of ESG digitalization and agile management. In 2019, the Bank became a member of the GABV (Global Alliance for Banking on Values and fully shares the principles of the Global Alliance for Banking Values, invests in ensuring sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Professor Vasily Vysokov explained how, based on the analysis and automated data processing, Center-invest Bank developed an innovative methodology for assessing the balance sheet, loan portfolio, customer payments in the metrics of SDGs and National Projects.

As a result, an ESG balance sheet was created on the correspondence of financial reporting and SDG indicators, for which positive screening was used to unambiguously classify loans as SDGs and negative screening for loans that do not fall into the SDG classification. A full analysis of the ESG balance sheet of the bank  is available on the website.

European bankers received a new book by Professor Vysokov "Agile digitalization of ESG Banking". The author relies on theoretical knowledge and practical experience of implementing digital technologies in Center-invest Bank, taking into account the best world practices of international organizations, financial institutions, regulatory authorities.

The book reflects the interaction of two main trends in the development of banking business: the transition to digital banking and a business model based on ESG principles.

Center-invest Bank has been successfully implementing social and educational projects aimed at the development of current and future generations for 30 years, creating unique products for small businesses with an emphasis on a new generation of entrepreneurs and transforming the savings of the population into the development of the real sector of the region's economy.