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Financial Literacy Centre Celebrates its Anniversary


The Financial Literacy Centre, a social and educational project of Center-invest Bank, celebrates its ninth anniversary. Since its inception, the Centre has improved the financial literacy of more than one million citizens. Free consultations, lectures and seminars are popular with school and university students, teachers, entrepreneurs and pensioners.

The Financial Literacy Centre makes it possible for everyone to learn about the modern world of finance, risks and returns, and to acquire the skills to make financial decisions and understand their consequences for themselves and those around them, absolutely free of charge. To date, five Financial Literacy Centres are permanently operational in Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Krasnodar, Volgograd and Volgodonsk.

Over the past nine years, the Centre’s experts and volunteers:

  • have delivered 5,657 financial education events, including in collaboration with partners and banking specialists;
  • have delivered financial literacy workshops to 1,745,350 people in offline and online formats;
  • have trained 4,502 volunteers to replicate financial literacy across Russia and beyond;
  • have trained 1,824 teachers who now teach financial literacy to school students.

All Financial Literacy Centres offer budget planning and personal financial security classes for high school students, while university students receive lectures on basic financial instruments, credit management rules and cyber security.

The Centres run the Center-invest Bank’s Acceleration Programme which is designed for successful start-ups and new growth of existing businesses (acc.centrinvest.ru).

Public Financial Literacy Centres are the backbone of Center-invest Bank’s ecosystem, reflecting a responsible attitude to social development and the growth of financial literacy among the population in the regions where the Bank operates.