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First marketplaces Accelerator programme graduation


28 June 2022 became a graduation date for the first group of attendees to the Accelerator Programme that helps to effectively enter and operate at marketplaces. Over 650 entrepreneurs from 70 cities across Russia have successfully completed the programme.

The online training began on 25 May. Free acceleration course was available for everyone. It covered 12 topics, including all the twists and turns of starting up and operating at popular Russian marketplaces. 

 “I have my own business — I produce eco-toys for children. I’ve been thinking about entering the marketplaces for a long time. I kept postponing it though, since my lack of knowledge and experience made me feel insecure. I incidentally heard about the accelerator and decided to give it a try. I haven’t regretted it for a second! Top selection of topics, experienced practising speakers, structured information, and prompt feedback. I am already making my first—but very confident—steps on Wildberries and Ozon. I thank the Financial Literacy Centre and Center-invest Bank for this opportunity!” comments a graduate of the first accelerator course.

This is Center-invest Bank’s third accelerator programme; we also offer Accelerator for Entrepreneurs and Accelerator for Self-Employed, which help to start and actively develop your business (acc.centrinvest.ru). Training is carried out in online format and is available to all citizens of Russia and the CIS.