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Post-crisis development in the transformation economy


Vasily Vysokov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Professor, Doctor of Economics, delivered a training meeting for members of the City Duma, heads of structural subdivisions of the City Administration and district administrations of Rostov-on-Don on post-crisis development challenges in the transformation economy.

Priority action plans for sustainable development under the external sanctions pressure can be complemented with transformational activities: Crisis, Business, Strategy, Economic Mechanism, Banking, Money Circulation, Investment, Innovation, Science, Small Business, Marketing, Data Analysis, Controls, Risk Management. 

Using the city of Rostov-on-Don as an example, Professor Vysokov provided an overview of the major alternatives required for structural economic changes in each of the above areas. 

Nine hundred entrepreneurs surveyed by Center-invest Bank confirm the anti-sanctions realism of small businesses. In contrast to the negative outlook for the Russian economy as a whole, small businesses in Southern Russia are optimistic about the near and medium term and expect the growth of revenue (7–14% each), profits and wages (7–12% each), as well as an increase in material costs (10–13%) and modest headcount growth (3–7%). 

Center-invest Bank proactively supports entrepreneurs in finding new supply chains and optimising sales channels, developing payment and financing mechanisms for ongoing operations. It takes part in government support programmes for entrepreneurship and is one of the leaders in lending to small businesses.