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Sustainable Development Leaders in Russia


The activities Center-invest Bank were recognised in the annual report titled «Regions and Cities of Russia: Sustainable Development and Social and Environmental Priorities in Management 2023».

The report presents the best practices of companies, expert approaches to assessment and analysis of ESG transformation for sustainable development of Russian regions and cities, as well as sustainable development leaders among the regions and cities of the Russian Federation. The report was prepared by an expert analytical platform «Infrastructure and Finance for Sustainable Development» INFRAGREEN.

One of Center-invest Bank’s key regions of operations, the Krasnodar Territory, was ranked among the top 10 Russian regions leading the 2023 sustainable development agenda, according to the consolidated ESG indicator, which takes into account 28 indicators such as investment attractiveness, environmental rating, scientific and technological development, green rating, competitiveness, creation of a high-quality living environment for citizens, etc.

The cities where the bank operates — Rostov, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod — topped the list of sustainability leaders. The indices assessed were quality of urban environment, quality of life, digitalisation, quality of public transport, etc.

Experts noted Center-invest Bank’s activity in the sustainability agenda and, in particular, Center-invest Bank’s green bonds. Center-invest Bank has twice issued green bonds on the Moscow Exchange, the main difference being the targeted nature of the funds raised. The green bond tools allowed the bank to finance and refinance loans for energy efficient projects in the industrial sector, agribusiness, housing, utilities and services.

Center-invest Bank introduced green deposits and green mortgages into its product line and implemented ESG rating for SME loans and current accounts. The Bank makes great efforts to develop e-products and e-services, as well as to support environmental activities.

Center-invest Bank has been operating on the basis of the sustainable banking model for 30 years and is now the leader in ESG banking implementation. In 2023, based on its experience, the Bank published a book titled Regional Bank in the Sovereign Economy analysing the evolution of sustainable development concept and its effective use in Russia.