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One Billion Rubles in Preferential Loans for Medical Workers

 In 2021 Center-invest Bank made 1231 loans for a total of RUB1.027bn under a special programme to support medical workers. Medical workers can apply for a preferential loan from Center-invest Bank or to refinance a loan from another bank on preferential terms.


Center-invest Bank in The Banker

The February edition of The Banker magazine includes its annual analysis of Russian banks. This year The Banker has also published Center-invest Bank’s ESG balance sheet for 2021 (preliminary results). Center-invest Bank was the first [bank?] in the world to produce an ESG balance sheet.


Center-invest Bank Representative Joins Russian State Duma’s Sustainability Expert Council.

 Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Center-invest Bank, Alexander Dolganov, has joined the Expert Council for Sustainability and Green Finance under the Russian State Duma Committee for the Financial Market.


Center-invest Bank Attracts Swiss Investment for Sustainable Development in Southern Russia

Center-invest Bank has secured a 3-year RUB745m loan from the Swiss fund Symbiotics to finance sustainable development projects. The loan agreement was signed on 14 December 2021. The funds will be used to finance new and established entrepreneurs whose businesses aim to address social challenges and are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and today’s environmental and social agenda.


Center-invest Bank’s “Loyal” Deposit Account Among Best in Russia

Center-invest Bank’s “Loyal” account ranks in the top 15 in the rating of the best long-term deposit accounts in November 2021 produced by the financial marketplace Vyberu.ru.


Center-invest Bank in Top 5 for ESG Transparency

The ratings agency Expert RA has published an analytical review and the first ESG transparency rating of Russian companies. Center-invest Bank ranks 5th among Russian financial institutions.


Center-invest Bank is a Leader for Digital Customer Service

Based on an annual survey of the contact centres of Russian banks, Center-invest Bank has leading positions for service levels using digital channels and instant messaging apps.


ESG Banking for IT Specialists

The 2021 FINOPOLIS Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies will be held online. This format will allow Center-invest Bank to share its experience of the agile digitalisation of ESG banking with a wider audience.